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Question 1
What is the text that appears on the card Battle Fleet?
Skirmish. (When you use this creature to fight, it is dealt no damage in return.)
Fight: Draw a card.
Action: Destroy a damaged creature.
Play: Return each Horseman creature from your discard pile to your hand.
Play: Reveal any number of Mars cards from your hand. For each card revealed this way, draw 1 card.
Question 2

What is the name of the card that features the following image?

Saurus Rex
Niffle Queen
Question 3

What is the text on the card that features the following image?

Play: Gain 2 æmber if you control more creatures than your opponent.
You may play upgrades as if they were in the active house.
Play: Discard cards from the top of your deck until you discard a Logos card or run out of cards. If you discard a Logos card this way, put it into your hand.
This creature gets +2 armor and +2 power.
This creature gains skirmish and, “Fight: Gain 1 chain.”
Question 4
Which house is Faygin from?
Star Alliance
Question 5
What is the flavor text that appears on the card Dendrix?
“It consumes memories. The fresher, the better.” – Iona, Demonologist
They can skeletonize a snufflegator in two minutes flat.
The trap is simple, it’s the bait that matters.
- No flavor text -
Question 6

What is the name of the card that features the following image?

Mack the Knife
Storm Crawler
Question 7
What is the text that appears on the card Into the Fray?
Assault 4. (Before this creature attacks, deal 4 damage to the attacked enemy.)
Reap: Enrage Shorty.
Play: For the remainder of the turn, a friendly Brobnar creature gains, “Fight: Ready this creature.”
Play: If your opponent forged a key on their previous turn, unforge it. Your opponent gains 6 æmber.
After an enemy creature is destroyed fighting Chonkers, double the number of +1 power counters on Chonkers.
Play: Give Chonkers a +1 power counter.
Question 8
What is the text that appears on the card Drumble?
Keys cost –2 æmber.
After a player forges a key, destroy The Quiet Anvil.
Elusive. (The first time this creature is attacked each turn, no damage is dealt.)
Play: If your opponent has 7 æmber or more, capture all of it.
Play: Destroy an artifact. If you do, gain 1 æmber.
Play: Destroy a Beast creature.
Question 9
Do you get Æmber just for playing Scylla?
Question 10
Which image appears on the card Causal Loop?

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