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Question 1
What is the flavor text that appears on the card Life for a Life?
- No flavor text -
“It’s a fair trade, boss. I don’t mind.”
“We should’ve done this outside.” – Medic Ingram
“I wonder what you’ll turn into.”
Question 2
What is the text that appears on the card Martians Make Bad Allies?
Play: You may exalt Dino-Bot. If you do, deal 3 damage to a creature.
Reap: Discard a card from your hand. If you do, draw a card.
Play: Reveal your hand. Purge each revealed non-Mars creature and gain 1 æmber for each card purged this way.
Elusive. (The first time this creature is attacked each turn, no damage is dealt.)
Before Fight: The creature Mindworm fights deals damage equal to its power to each of its neighbors.
Assault 2. (Before this creature attacks, deal 2 damage to the attacked enemy.)
Play: You may rearrange the creatures in a player’s battleline.
Question 3

What is the name of the card that features the following image?

Monument to Octavia
Lethal Distraction
Question 4
What type of card is Ancient Power?
Question 5
What is the text that appears on the card Zysysyx Shockworm?
After an enemy creature reaps, stun it.
Play/Fight/Reap: You may play a non-Star Alliance artifact, upgrade, or action card this turn.
After a player chooses an active house, that player destroys an artifact of that house.
After a player chooses an active house, their opponent cannot choose the same house as their active house on their next turn.
Question 6
Which image appears on the card Tricerian Legionary?
Question 7
Which card is a Creature?
Gizelhart's Wrath
Hidden Stash
Tireless Crocag
Question 8
Do you get Æmber just for playing Sneklifter?
Question 9
What is the text that appears on the card Extinction?
At the end of your turn, destroy the least powerful creature.
Play: Capture 1 æmber.
Destroyed: Put Dextre on top of your deck.
Play: Choose a creature. Destroy that creature and each creature that shares a trait with it. Gain 1 chain.
Play: Destroy a Demon creature.
Question 10
Which house is Brend the Fanatic from?
Star Alliance

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