Xenos Bloodshadow

Card details

Text Elusive. Hazardous 6. Poison. Skirmish.
Type Creature
House Untamed
Traits Human, Witch
Bonus æmber 0
Power 4
Armour 0
Rarity Rare
Flavour Text “I call myself Bloodshadow, make my home in Fangtooth Cavern, and turn my enemies into toads. What will it take for you to leave me alone?”
Card Number WC-404, MM-412, MM-412
Expansion Worlds Collide, Mass Mutation, Mass Mutation
Maverick Houses This card never appears as a maverick in another house.
Appearances in decks

This card appears in 9573 (0.49%) of the 1966446 decks that are registered.

Copies of card # decks % with card % overall
1 9453 98.75 % 0.48 %
2 120 1.25 % 0.01 %
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