The Shadow Council

Card details

Text Elusive.
While The Shadow Council is in the center of your battleline, it gains, “Action: Steal 2 æmber.”
Type Creature
House Shadows
Traits Elf, Leader, Thief
Bonus æmber 0
Power 3
Armour 0
Rarity Rare
Card Number WC-283, MM-295, MM-295
Expansion Worlds Collide, Mass Mutation, Mass Mutation
Maverick Houses This card never appears as a maverick in another house.
Appearances in decks

This card appears in 10170 (0.52%) of the 1966446 decks that are registered.

Copies of card # decks % with card % overall
1 9974 98.07 % 0.51 %
2 195 1.92 % 0.01 %
3 1 0.01 % 0.00 %
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