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Text Play: Purge a Mutant creature. If you do, discard cards from the top of its controller’s deck until you discard a non-Mutant creature or run out of cards. If you discard a non-Mutant creature this way, put it into play under its owner’s control.
Type Action
House Sanctum
Bonus æmber 1
Rarity Uncommon
Card Number MM-153, MM-153, MM-153
Expansion Mass Mutation, Mass Mutation, Mass Mutation
Maverick Houses
Appearances in decks

This card appears in 7942 (0.40%) of the 1966446 decks that are registered.

Copies of card # decks % with card % overall
1 7499 94.42 % 0.38 %
2 431 5.43 % 0.02 %
3 12 0.15 % 0.00 %
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